ITALPROFILI® for more than 40 years has been serving operators in the construction world, established in 1976 from an idea gained by people with a vast a long experience in the bituminous water proofing industry. Knowing firsthand the critical points and problems of waterproofing ITALPROFILI® coverage arises immediately the center of attention of the experts for innovative and patented products over the years:


1975 “Universal” anti-backup roof drain
1976 Air vents/vapour extractors
1976 Leaf guards made from plastic
1983 “Nuova” anti-backup roof drain with gravel grate
1983 Anti-condense extractor
1986 Gravel grate perforated ring made from plastic


Over the years ITALPROFILI® have been manufacturing a range of products that are able meet the needs of a sector which is in continuous evolution, ranging from bituminous to synthetic products in PVC-P and TPO.
Adjustable and fixed leveling supports for raised floors, accessories for cement mortar or liquid membranes, waterstop and expansion joint profiles, fixings for insulation materials and a vast range of installation equipment complete the wide range of products offered to our customers. ITALPROFILI® studies and designs its products direct with particular attention to the details that make the difference, constantly looking for new products to meet market demands. The production takes place directly at our factory with the use of high-tech equipment and each step of production process is carefully and meticulously monitored and controlled. The raw materials used for the realization of our products are of the highest quality, they are constantly monitored and analyzed in the laboratory in order to ensure of the best performance and durability of the final product even in the most extreme climatic conditions.
All this has enabled ITALPROFILI® to become a primary company in the in the field of accessories for waterproofing, flooring and construction, ensuring high-quality products 100% made in Italy.
ITALPROFILI®, a partner who is capable of providing top quality products and technical solutions. The company is certified to ISO since 1995.