Certified load capacity
 2190 to 3000 Kg


The ADJUSTABLE PAVING SUPPORT SYSTEMS “SPECIAL” are designed to give a strong and robust support for raised floors. The Adjustable Paving Support Special for raised floors also has one of the highest load capacities available on the market today. Because of its versatility, it can be used on both internal or external projects, it can also be used with a wide range of different types of paving, for example, prefabricated slabs, porcelain, marble or stone, wood and composite wood.

It is the perfect solution for turning non practicable areas into practicable ones, whether they are waterproofed and not, it also allows for the passage of cables, pipes etc that are normally present in offices, shops and work environments.
For this reason, raised floors are mainly used in new buildings or in renovation where maximum design and flexibility is required or simply to ease the inspection of the waterproofing layer or any pipes, cables etc.

Certified load capacity
from 2190 to 3000 Kg

The Adjustable Paving Support Special are produced using only the finest top grade polypropylene and additives, these top quality raw materials ensure their long durability and also increase the load capacity.

The thread of the screw features teeth in the lower section which provide the self-locking function, creating an incision in the thread of the base which locks the position, thus preventing the possibility of changes in the levelling of the floor caused by movements resulting from vibrations caused by persons walking on the floor or other causes.
This system makes it unnecessary to intervene at a later date in order to adjust the levelling of the floor subsequent to installation.

The base supports features holes specifically designed to assure perfect drainage of water and under the base are located the lines sections for cutting and position the base on the corners or perimetral areas.

ART. 186.4


The SLEEVE EXTENSION can be stacked up to a height of 1 metre. Applicable only on Art. 185.4, 185.4FH, 185.4MF, 185.4J, 185.4JFH by pulling out completely the threaded support install the sleeve extension self-locking as shown on the pictures.

They are stackable, self-locking and provide a final adjustment range of 100 mm.