Universal Prime is a specially formulated primer developed specifically for repair and sealing tapes. Universal Prime, based on a VOC exempt solvent, meets all federal standards for health and environmental safety. Universal Prime is designed to work with all repair and sealing tapes and was specifically developed for preparation of surfaces when installing repair and sealing tapes in low ambiant temperatures from 4°C down to -29°. It is also widely used as a coalescing agent on surfaces which have difficult to remove dirt or conditions which may encapsulate the repair and sealing tapes.
*Do not use on PVC.


Universal Prime is used to prepare surfaces for application of all repair and sealing tapes. Recommended uses include, but are not limited to dirty surfaces which are difficult to clean completely (tar and gravel), potentially loose surfaces (mortar), porous surfaces (wood or concrete), and anytime the repair and sealing tapes is applied at temperatures below 4°C ambient.


Universal Prime is based on a VOC exempt solvent with a blend of our elastomers and resins infused into the solvent.


Technical Data Application temperature -29°C to 96°C Coverage 28 m2 per 3,76 lt. Drying time at 15°C 15 minutes. Film thickness 0,03-0,1 mm. when wet. Flash point 43°C. Values are typical performance properties and characteristics based on laboratory testing. This is intended as a guide for comparison purposes and does not constitute a specification or specification range.

Surface must be clean and dry. Remove heavy accumulations of loose rust and scale, dust, talc, and dirt. Oil and grease, and other contaminants should be removed with a non-residue cleaner. Do not use Universal Prime on PVC roofs as reactivation of some plasticizers may occur.