We manufacture in Italy, we sell around the world

Everything is done here, in Italy. The Italprofili products are produced here, in our facility in Torre di Mosto, but their place is wherever there is a need for safety, efficiency and quality.

We are present throughout the whole Italy, with a network of agents and in several countries around the world with distributors in Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, Russia.
We have a 24-hour production cycle and a warehouse which is always stocked; this allows us to guarantee short delivery times: 24/48h for Italy and similar times also abroad.


Bituminous waterproofing for flat and pitched roofs is where we come from, where our roots are in a certain sense. The experience gained in the field has resulted over the years in new patented products, reaching what is still a fundamental business unit for us today. These are the products that have made Italprofili a company that is internationally known.

In over 40 years of work alongside layers, our range has evolved and adapted to the most innovative and revolutionary architectural needs. We have divided our roofing accessories into 4 ranges, suitable for different types of roofing:
accessories for bituminous membranes
accessories for PVC-P synthetic membranes
accessories for TPO synthetic membranes
accessories for mechanically fixed solutions suitable for any type of waterproofing membranes

The materials we use to make these products are IGOM, PVC-P, TPO.

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